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In the early 20th century, doctors at the University Medical Center in Groningen, the Netherlands accidentally found an incredibly easy way to measure AGEs. They discovered that AGEs are fluorescent. By shining a very small amount of light on the skin, they were able to determine the quantity of AGEs in a person’s tissue.

Diagnoptics has since become an internationally known name, and the AGE Scanner is used by professionals in complementary and alternative medicine, lifestyle medicine, dietetics, and similar fields to advise their clients on healthy aging. The AGE Reader, the AGE Scanner’s “big brother”, is used by medical practitioners across the globe to estimate a person’s risk of chronic illness as well as to reverse, slow, or even halt the course of an illness.


Diagnoptics aims to contribute to healthier aging and stem the tide of chronic illnesses.

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The innovative AGE Scanner puts your practice a cut above the rest.
AGEs can lead to many chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and kidney failure.
Better lifestyle choices, addressing chronic inflammation, reduced stress, and the right recommendations can help reduce the formation of AGEs.

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