About the organization

Diagnoptics, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in advanced diagnostic devices used by medical professionals to non-invasively assess the risk to develop chronic illnesses like cardiovasculair diseases and diabetes. This technological breakthrough in detecting Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) in human tissue led to the invention of the AGE Reader. AGE Reader is a state of the art non-invasive medical device to assess the level of accumulated AGEs in human tissue in just 12 seconds.

AGEs are essential biomarkers of metabolic and glycemic stress and found to be a root cause in the development of many age-related illnesses like chronic renal failure, diabetes type 2, atherosclerose and Alzheimer’s disease. The level of AGEs in tissue is an important predictor for cardiovascular and diabetic complications.


It is Diagnoptics’ mission to improve the standards of care for cardiovascular risk assessment by developing state of the art technology for the non-invasive measurement of AGEs.


1995 – Dr. Smit and his colleagues accidentally discovered increased autofluorescence of the skin in many diabetic patients when they performed fluorescein-capillary leakage studies in diabetes.

1998 – The first clinical trials of diabetes and kidney failure were initiated with an advanced AGE Reader prototype at the University Hospital Groningen, the Netherlands.

1999 – First patent for the AGE Reader and first scientific publication on the clinical use of the AGE Reader prototype in diabetic patients

2000 – Start of the first large-scale follow-up study in the Zwolle region

2003 – Dr. Smit and Dr. Graaff found DiagnOptics in Groningen, the Netherlands

2004 – The first clinical study on the AGE Reader was published in Diabetologia

2005 – The AGE Reader SU was first demonstrated to future users (EASD, Athens 2005)

2006 – AGE Reader receives market authorization in Europe

2010 – Diagnoptics receive ISO 13485 certification

2012 – First demonstration of the AGE Reader mu (EASD, Berlin 2012)

2013 – Product launch of the AGE Reader mu

2014 – Installed base > 2000 units

2015 – Deloitte Technology Fast50 Life Sciences Sector Winner

2015 – AGE Reader received market approval in Japan

2017 – Product launch of the AGE Scanner

2017 – AGE Reader has received market approval in South Korea and several other countries

2018 – Product launch of the AGE Reader mu connect

2020 – Installed base > 5000 units

2022 – Recertification of the AGE Reader in Europe (MDR) started