How the AGE Scanner works

The AGE Scanner from Diagnoptics: insight into your AGE levels in no time

AGEs are fluorescent. This means that, if you shine an imperceptible amount of UV light on them, they give off light in response, much like glow-in-the-dark material. The AGE Scanner takes advantage of this characteristic. When you place the AGE Scanner onto the skin and press the button, it shines a small amount of UV light. This light penetrates the skin and reaches the collagen underneath. This causes the AGEs that are bound to it to light up. This fluorescent signal is received by the highly sensitive sensors in the AGE Scanner and measured.

The AGE Scanner works with an app installed on your telephone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection. When you open the app and take a measurement, the results will be shown in the app in 12 seconds. This is the biological age of the person being measured.

Why do you have to take a measurement on the forearm of the dominant arm?

In the past, many people of various ages had tissue biopsies performed on the skin in the exact area that the AGE Scanner uses for measurement: the dominant arm.

The quantity of AGEs in that patch of tissue was determined in a laboratory. Our invention was used to measure the fluorescence signal at this location and with samples from the same subjects. It turned out that there was an extremely strong connection between the number of AGEs in the tissue, age, and the strength of the fluorescent signal.

AGEs form in tissue, so they form in collagen as well. Collagen in the body varies a lot in structure, so much so that it even differs between your dominant arm and the other arm.

We used these results to get started, and the AGE Scanner was born. Now we only have to measure the fluorescent signal to see how many AGEs are present in a person’s tissue.

Measurements with the AGE Scanner are taken on the dominant arm, because the biopsy samples were taken from the dominant arm.

Help your clients age the healthy way

Now, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to help your clients age in a healthy way.
Regularly measuring the AGE levels of your clients allows you to create a personalized plan for controlling and reducing the accumulation of AGEs.

How to lower biological age

Measuring step by step:

Step 1: Gaining insight into the client’s health by taking a simple measurement with the AGE Scanner

Step 2: Recommending lifestyle changes

Step 3:Personalized treatments, supplements, etc.

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